I’ve participated in multiple photo tours with Ken Kaminesky and Patrick Di Fruscia and have enjoyed every bit of them. Everything was top-notch, from accommodations to food to transportation. The preparations for our adventures were all well-thought-out, from lunch high in the hills of Tuscany to the late-night chasing of the Northern Lights in Iceland. In addition to the amazing photo opportunities, on each tour I’ve done with Ken and his team, the local guide was extremely knowledgeable of their country’s history and culture. Much of that history was conveyed while traveling to some of the best locations for the best light or sitting around an enormous dinner table at the end of the night. That being said, some of my favorite times on our trips occurred well after the cameras’ batteries were charging for the night and most of our group gathered around the dinner table or off to the side of the hotel’s lobby to tell stories and possibly make up new ones. I very much look forward to joining Discovery Photo Tours in the near future for my next great (photo) adventure!