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Mike Dexter is a wildlife photographer and specialist photographic safari guide from South Africa with work regularly published in international wildlife and travel magazines. A life of exploring, photographing and, occasionally, living in the wildest and remote corners of Africa have ingrained in him a true sense of belonging in the ‘dark continent’ and this is reflected in his images.

The combination of a photojournalism degree, FGASA level II guiding qualification and over a decade of experience in the field has earned him a name for telling compelling stories of the natural world through his images. More importantly, however, he has a penchant for openly passing on this knowledge and these days gets as much of a kick from helping others capture an amazing moment than he does from taking the image himself.

It could be said that by modern standards he is a purist, upholding the belief that photographs carry with them a level of assumed authenticity, and as such feels a responsibility to do everything possible to get it right ‘in camera’. This approach also translates to less time in front of the screen and more time in the field which, at the end of the day, is what it’s all about!


List of Accolades, Associations, Sponsorships etc…


– Nature’s Best Photography

– Highly Honored Winner

– 500px Top 10 Wildlife Images 2013


– Untitled Film Works – https://vimeo.com/271041335


– Bachelor of Journalism (Photojournalism)

– FGASA II guiding


– Alex Walker’s Serian ‘Photographer-in-Residence’ (2018-2019)

– Mashatu Game Reserve ‘Resident Professional Photographer’ (2011-2013)


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