Athena Carey is a multi-award winning fine art travel photographer specializing in long exposure and black and white photography. She is widely recognized for her ability to capture the emotional essence of place and time within her images.

Her career in photography began as a portrait photographer, where her greatest goal was always to create images that express a sense of each client’s personality – a sparkle of their inner self, seen through the window of a two-dimensional image. But her love of the world and of nature lured her outside into the exciting and rewarding world of travel photography, where her goal remains virtually the same, to capture the essence and emotion of each place in the precious moments she has in each one.

Aside from travel, another of Athena’s great joys is teaching others the technical aspects of photography, how to find their own artistic vision; and then to harness the two together to express themselves through their photography. To this end, she teaches photo courses online and locally and offers workshops globally.

Athena’s work is published in various books, magazines, and websites and has been printed and hung around the world in private homes and businesses. Travelling extensively in search of new experiences, she has lived on four continents and currently resides in England. Her keen appreciation for the natural beauty of our planet drives her excitement about each next and new destination.



  • IPA – First Place Award in Landscape, Trees category
  • IPA – Third Place Award in Travel and Tourism category
  • IPA – HM in Travel and Tourism category
  • IPA – HM Fine Art Portrait and Advertising Beauty category
  • PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris – HM in Blue Fine Art category
  • British Associasion of Photographers Finalist 2017 11th Julia Margaret Cameron Award HM – Stilllife 2nd Robert Cornelius Portrait Award HM




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