Great Migration Safari

July 24th - August 2nd, 2023 & August 5th - August 14th, 2023

4 Guests Per Tour

July 24th - August 2nd, 2023
August 5th - August 14th, 2023
10 Days

Our Tanzania Photography Safari is Like No Other

This August our team of Discovery photographers will be traveling to Africa on our Tanzania Great Migration VIP Photo Tour. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

4 Guests + Pro Photographer + Local Guide/Driver

Discovery Photo Tours is proud to offer a world-class safari photo adventure to our cherished guests. We’ve selected deluxe accommodations, delicious meals, expert local guides who have a deep knowledge of the terrain and wildlife, and top photographer guides who we are privileged to have on our team.

Imagine yourself in Africa along with our Discovery team of pro photographers as we explore the incredible national parks our tour will visit from Tarangire to the legendary Serengeti.

On this luxury safari photo tour, you will be in a very select group of four guests that will be paired with one of our pro photographer leaders and your local guide/driver who will treat you to all the inside knowledge that they have of the culture and wildlife of Tanzania. Along the way, you’ll take countless photos and hours of video that will become life-long memories of this epic journey.

Learn from professional photographers in the field

During our 10-day trip VIP tour, we are allowing a select 4 guests to join us per vehicle, working elbow-to-elbow with our photographers in the field. Together you will capture African wildlife in all its glory and experience the incredible wildebeest migration and so much more.

Animal highlights include…

Hold on to your safari hats… You’re in for a ride you’ll never forget, for all the best reasons.

Beginner Friendly

100% Spouse friendly

Our Pledge

Discovery Gold Standard



From antelopes to zebras, you’ll get the Discovery A to Z pledge of seeing more animals that you could possibly imagine. Every day has a new story to tell and each game drive is 100% unique. These are your stories and we think you’ll cherish them as much as we do. It isn’t uncommon for our guests to wipe away tears of joy as they witness the majesty of the Great Migration, the Big Five, and so much more.

 You’ll witness the circle of life throughout this VIP Photo Safari as we visit the most renowned national parks in all of Africa and be offered the opportunity of a lifetime to capture photos of these spectacular animals. Hang on to your safari hats, you’re in for quite a ride!



While the VIP Photo Safari’s main goal is to provide our guests with the best photo ops for wildlife, we do celebrate the culture of Tanzania.

 You’ll visit an authentic Masai village and get a chance to meet with Masai tribesmen, women, and children. Have your cameras ready as they will greet us with a traditional jump dance and friendly smiles. We’ll also stop along the road for a spontaneous shoot with locals (if and when possible) once in a while for some great candid photos.

 In Arusha, we escort our groups to a beautiful cultural center where you’ll see all kinds of Tanzanian and African art including sculptures, carvings, masks, paintings, jewelry, crafts, and more. Don’t forget to haggle!



Discovery Photo Tours works with some of the most talented and experienced professional photographers in the business. Our goal is to provide you the opportunity to travel alongside and work elbow to elbow with internationally acclaimed photographers who will help you capture the incredible beauty our destinations offer. Whether you’re new to photography or a professional looking to expand your portfolio, our tour leaders will share invaluable techniques, knowledge, and experience gained over the course of their careers. Photography aside, we expect you’ll have the time of your life on our tours. Traveling the road with us means there will be lots of laughs, interesting stories and delicious meals where you’ll be treated like family and will leave with new life-long friends.

A Photographer's Dream Come True

Breathtaking African Wildlife

  • Day 1Welcome to Tanzania!
  • Day 2Tarangire National Park
  • Day 3Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Day 4Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Day 5Serengeti North
  • Day 6Serengeti North
  • Day 7&8Serengeti Central
  • Day 9Serengeti Finale
  • Day 10All good things...

Welcome to Tanzania!


Kuwakaribisha Kwa Tanzania 🙂

No, this isn't a dream. You're here in beautiful East Africa and one short day away from witnessing some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world!

Today is arrival day and time to get some rest at the hotel after being picked up at the Kilimanjaro airport by your driver. Marvel at the sight of the world's tallest free-standing mountain as you head from the airport to your first hotel in Arusha. In the evening your small group will meet up for a delicious welcome dinner with your photographer leader. Sleep well tonight, as tomorrow is the beginning of an extraordinary adventure.

Tarangire National Park

The Adventure Begins

We are out the door after an early breakfast heading to Tarangire National Park where the safari truly begins. If you've been dreaming of elephants, zebras, waterbucks, giraffes, dik diks, impalas, elands, Grant's gazelles, vervet monkeys, banded mongoose, and olive baboons... you're in luck. All of these wonderful creatures are native to Tarangire.

Oh, we almost forgot, you're also likely to see African lion, leopard, and cheetah. What can we say? We like to start things off with a bang.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Unesco World Heritage Site

Have you ever been inside a volcano? Well if you haven't... today is your lucky day.

The main feature of the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority is the Ngorongoro Crater, the world's largest inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic caldera. The crater is 610 metres (2,000 feet) deep and its floor covers 260 square kilometres (100 square miles). Estimates of the height of the original volcano range from 4,500 to 5,800 metres (14,800 to 19,000 feet) high. Yeah, we think that's pretty cool too.

Ngorongoro was named by the Maasai pastoralists after the sound produced by the cowbell (ngoro ngoro) and this ancient place has been inhabited by various hominid species for 3 million years.

Ngorongoro was named by the Maasai pastoralists after the sound produced by the cowbell (ngoro ngoro) and this ancient place has been inhabited by various hominid species for 3 million years.

Ngorongoro was named by the Maasai pastoralists after the sound produced by the cowbell (ngoro ngoro) and this ancient place has been inhabited by various hominid species for 3 million years.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Masai Village

The Ngorongoro crater is such a wonderfully iconic safari location and one of the absolute best in all of Africa for photography. This is why we rise early to continue with our exploration for a second day. August is the ideal month for weather in the crater in terms of temperature but we also have a good chance of having fog early in the morning which makes for outstanding dramatic lighting conditions for photographers.

After our morning game drive, our guests get some time for rest and relaxation at our luxury lodge where they can get a massage, enjoy complimentary beverages, go for a leisurely hike, or just relax by the pool.

Maasai tribes throughout Tanzania welcome visits to their villages to experience their culture, traditions, and lifestyle and we are happy to share this experience with our guests with an afternoon visit to a local village.

Serengeti North

Hakuna matata!

On this morning we avoid the dusty roads and catch a flight right into Serengeti National Park's northern region, home of the great migration river crossing!

In July, August, and September, hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebras arrive in the northern part of the Serengeti on their round-trip trek from Tanzania’ssouthern Serengeti to the Masai Mara in Kenya. Lucky for you, since our group of intrepid photographers will be ready and waiting, camera in hand, trigger finger poised on the shutter in anticipation of capturing the shot of a lifetime.

Buckle up, you're in for the wildlife treat of your life in the next few days of legendary game drives.

Serengeti North

The Big Five

The big five game animals are the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo and you'll never have a better chance of seeing all of these magnificent creatures than here in the Serengeti.

But wait... there's more!

While it is incredible to see the big five, don't forget all the other awesome animals that roam the Serengeti. And just so you don't have to google it, here's what else you have to look forward to: Giraffe, Hippo, Zebra, Wildebeest, Cheetah, Hyena, Wild Dog, African Civet, Bat-eared Fox, Bushbuck, Grant's Gazelle, Eland, Genets, Impala, Kudu, Ostrich, Vervet Monkey, Waterbuck, Porcupine, Dwarf Mongoose, Serval, Warthog, Secretary Bird, African Fish Eagle, Vultures, and Nile Crocodile.

Serengeti Central

On the road again

What would be a good way to top the first few days of Serengeti exploration? May we suggest even more exploration? Good. We thought you might agree.

The Serengeti is vast and our team can't get enough of all the amazing opportunities to capture so many incredible photos of all the varied animals in so many different settings. From north to south the landscape and terrain change dramatically and with our expert guides at the wheel, Discovery offers our guests the best chance to photograph the elusive rhinoceros and leopards!

Serengeti Finale

Sunset on the mainland

This is our last full day in Serengeti National Park. The days will have slipped by what now seems quickly but in hindsight, you'll be astonished as you look back and think of all the breathtaking scenes that have unfolded in front of your eyes on this adventure of a lifetime.

This is our last full day in Serengeti National Park. The days will have slipped by what now seems quickly but in hindsight, you'll be astonished as you look back and think of all the breathtaking scenes that have unfolded in front of your eyes on this adventure of a lifetime.

All good things...

must come to an end

On this last morning of the safari, we wake up before dawn to have one last chance to capture any and all of the beautiful animals of the African plains. We'll share a short flight back to Kilimanjaro before embracing new found friends as we say farewell.

But the journey isn't over...

We'd like to think it has just begun. After a journey such as this safari, you'll be changed. You will have grown. You will be inspired to continue your journey wherever the road ahead takes you.


Tour Details

July 24th - August 2nd, 2023
August 5th - August 14th, 2023
10 Days
Custom Safaris!

Can’t make it in August or February/March for our regularly scheduled safaris?
No problem!

Our team can develop a custom exclusive VIP safari for groups of any size at almost any time of year.

Contact the Discovery Team for details.


While traveling through Tanzania during the calving season we will stay in genuine deluxe safari tented camps and luxurious world-class lodges. These are exclusive accommodations that will bring our group close to nature in some of the most beautiful settings one can imagine. These deluxe camps and lodges include paved pathways, flooring, furniture, electricity, running water, full private bathrooms, and all the other modern amenities you would expect at a hotel. With lounges, dining rooms and a full cooking staff to prepare gourmet fare, your evenings will be filled with memories of relaxing around a campfire sharing stories of the day.

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Join us in Tanzania

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The team at Discovery photo tours had put together a truly amazing and life-altering trip, and I was only on the scouting tour! The locations, the guides, the quality and of course the photo ops, were truly top class. Even better, these guys are genuinely talented, humble and helpful. The trip to Tanzania had it all. Animals, wonderful accommodation, an excellent and knowledgeable guide, organisation (it just ran smoothly!) and a small group of strangers who have now probably become lifelong friends with a common passion. The companionship, laughter, and fun cannot be underestimated. This trip changed my life and I aim to do a trip with Discovery Photo tours each year, or every second year at worst. Book a tour, you will not be disappointed.

Ash Sowter

This is one of the best trips that I have ever been on. I can say that confidently because I came back for a second time. Africa is a very magical place where time seems to slow down, and I am able to forget the pace of life back home. Watching the animals interact, constantly learning from our guides, and making new friends is what this trip is all about. If you're looking for a vacation this is not for you, if you are looking for a fantastic adventure that you'll speak about forever...then you have come to the right place!

Chris Balow

Ken is a fantastic trip organizer and leader. He stays cool and receptive throughout anything that's thrown at him. This is a great tour and I saw things that I've only seen on National Geographic and have pictures to prove it. It has to be a high stress job for Ken, ensuring everything goes smoothly for all the guests, but you'll never know it. Ken relaxes into the trip, enjoying it. And fun. He makes it fun. (Wait on Barry White....). I have pictures that cannot be replaced. Definitely recommend Discovery Photo Tours to go anyplace in this fabulous world.

Kay Brewer


Guides in Tanzania

Ken Kaminesky is a co-founder and the owner of Discovery Photo Tours. He’s a veteran commercial travel photographer, Formatt-Hitech Signature Artist, the travel columnist for Outdoor Photographer magazine, and an entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the photography industry. Ken’s iconic photography has featured in major publications including the New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, and twice on the front cover of National Geographic magazine.

Di Fruscia is a World Visionary Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photographer. His work has won many awards, has been published and displayed thru a multitude of Medias (books, calendars, magazines, travel guides etc.) and by many prestigious companies such as, National Geographic, Time Magazine and Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. Constantly searching for those rare magical moments when the Perfect Light embraces nature in all its glory, you can rest assured – that this is only the beginning of a long and dedicated quest to capture the breathtaking beauty of nature.”

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