2024 Dates COMING SOON!

Discovery Antarctica Expedition

2024 Dates COMING SOON!

Join us on our small group scouting expedition to the ultimate bucket list destination… Antarctica.

Have you ever dreamed of following in the footsteps of Shackleton, Amundsen, and Scott? Us too but without the early twentieth century hardships and canned food! So, instead of just sitting around and dreaming about Antarctica we decided that it was high time to make this dream come true. For our clients (and let’s be honest, for us too) we’ve put together an exciting itinerary that will have us all sailing across the legendary Drake passage, exploring South Georgia Island, before navigating our way to the icy continent itself.

You’ll sail the south seas in luxury on our state of the art ship, which was designed specifically for polar region sailing. 

Our intrepid crew arrives in the capital of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, Argentina, a small but bustling port at the tip of South America. This is the ideal gateway for you to explore the southern extent of Patagonia while preparing for your awesome adventure ahead.

Beginner Friendly

100% Spouse friendly

As we cross the Drake passage you’ll be in good hands with our intrepid photography leaders and the stalwart crew aboard our formidable ship. On the crossing, you’ll have the opportunity to work on your photography and post-production skills with expert guidance in both group and one-to-one sessions. Your expert crew will also impart their knowledge about penguins, seabirds, elephant seals and all the other wildlife that you will encounter on this epic journey. You’ll also learn about the history and exploration of the region dating back to 1820.

South Georgia island, also known as the Galapagos of the poles is the home to hundreds of thousands of seabirds and millions of penguins. In fact, South Georgia’s king penguin rookeries are the largest in the world. You’ll have no trouble capturing incredible photographs at this amazing destination and you’ll be the envy of your friends back home when you show them your best shots. Visit abandoned whaling stations and learn stories of inhabitants who called this island home.

Photograph stunning ice formations on a Zodiac ride, share fun-filled moments with inquisitive penguins and seals, make several landings on Soth Shetland and Antarctic islands, and witness the rugged coastline of the Antarctic Peninsula from a sea kayak. Antarctica will astonish and delight, and never disappoint. This will be a trip you’ll be dreaming about for years.


The Discovery Gold Standard


Our Ship

Discovery is currently in the planning stages of our next awesome Antarctica adventure.

We will have dates and ship details once our team finalizes the tour details.

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Photo Opportunities

This is an extraordinary voyage that you’re about to embark on and it is filled with awesome photo ops.

On this expedition, we’ll explore Ushuaia, South Georgia Island, the South Shetland Islands, and of course… the icy continent, Antarctica itself! Each of these places offers its own unique and spectacular possibilities for you to capture the quintessential images that you have been dreaming of.

What will you potentially witness and photograph? We’re glad you asked. Many different species of penguins that will number in the hundreds of thousands, Right, Blue, Sei, Humpback, Minke, Fin, Sperm and Killer whales, orcas, several dolphin species, Southern elephant seals, Antarctic fur seals, and seabirds galore.

You’ll also want to keep your camera ready to shoot floating ice formations and icebergs, abandoned whaling stations, mountainous landscapes, sea kayakers, and the most epic selfie of your life!


Our Photographer Leaders

Discovery co-founder Ken Kaminesky will be leading this Antarctica expedition along with several world-class photographers and they are all looking forward to sharing this wonderful voyage with the lucky guests that will be joining them. You’ll have ample time on board the ship to discuss photography, learn post-processing techniques, and get images critiqued all in a private setting.

Out in the field, Ken and his team of pro photographers will be with you photographing side by side and working with you to capture the best images possible. Photography aside, we expect you’ll have the time of your life on this incredible expedition. Traveling with us means there will be lots of laughs, interesting stories, delicious meals, and fun-filled adventures where you’ll be treated like family and will leave with new lifelong friends and cherished memories.


Your ULTIMATE Bucket List Destination

  • Day 1The End of the World
  • Day 2The Adventure Begins!
  • Day 3-6All Aboard!
  • Day 7&8Subantarctic Wildlife Galore!
  • Day 9&10Ahoy Matey
  • Day 11 to 13This is what you've been dreaming of
  • Day 14 and 15The Journey Home Begins
  • Day 16The End of the Adventure

The End of the World

Arrival in Ushuaia, Argentina

You may arrive in Ushuaia at any time during Day 1 of the itinerary. Upon your arrival in this splendid city, known for its rich architecture and European heritage, you will independently transfer to the group hotel (pre-night hotel included).

Our team is available to help you book extra days in Buenos Aires, Santiago, or Ushuaia should you wish to arrive early and explore any of these locations before heading out for your Antarctic adventure.

The Adventure Begins!


Embarkation will occur in the late afternoon, after which your vessel will sail down the historic Beagle Channel. This famous channel transects the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in the extreme south of South America. Think of the Beagle Channel as the tasty appetizer before your main course arrives. You will want to get out on deck and keep your eyes open as there are several bird species to capture your attention and test your photography skills.

All Aboard!

At Sea

The Expedition Team will keep you busy by testing your knowledge of seabirds, penguins and the history of South Georgia as they begin their educational lecture program. Your first days will include time to get acquainted with fellow travelers and learning about the shore landings, Zodiac excursions (included) and kayaking opportunities (extra cost) that await you.

This is also the perfect time for working with your photographer leader on your Photoshop and Lightroom skills and we'll have ample time for photo critiques and discussions on all things photo related.

Subantarctic Wildlife Galore!

South Georgia

The first indication that you are approaching South Georgia is the sighting of birds around a group of rocky spires called Shag Rocks. Rising out of the icy ocean waters, have your binoculars and cameras ready to photograph these rocks. Shags and prions often rest here.

After enjoying South Georgia from a distance, we’ll head towards its sandy beaches to find a protected bay for your first land excursion. Landing sites on South Georgia are varied, and are largely determined by the weather conditions of your voyage. Whichever landing sites we visit, they’ll provide you with wildlife encounters that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else on earth.

This is one of the most fertile breeding grounds in the world for sub-Antarctic wildlife, with beaches littered with penguins - in particular king and macaroni penguins. Many rookeries number into the 100s of thousands! It won’t take you long to realize that South Georgia is a paradise for bird lovers as burrowing seabirds, albatross and petrels can be seen in abundance.

You’ll find that South Georgia is also scattered with abandoned relics and evidence of human activity from centuries gone by. Once a popular base for whalers and sealers, Captain James Cook first reported on the abundance of wildlife here in 1775. His report resulted in an almost complete decimation of fur seals and a drastic decline in both whale and elephant seal populations. Your Expedition Team will help bring those days to life for you, as you’ll visit old whaling stations and enjoy lectures and presentations on the South Georgia of then and now. Thankfully, you’ll witness that many species have seen a remarkable population rebound on the island.

One of the most significant sites you will visit on the island is located on Grytviken. This is one of the first whaling stations established in sub-Antarctic waters. Many travelers find this place of special appeal as it is home to the remains of one of the best known Antarctic explorers, Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Ahoy Matey

Antarctica, here we come!

Antarctica awaits, along with its own unique penguin and seal species. While you’re at sea, you can enjoy quiet time or take in presentations by the Expedition Team, which will cover everything from the history and geology of Antarctica to tips on identifying different species and what makes each of them unique.

Once again you'll have ample time to get post processing instruction, photo critiques and more from your photography leader(s).

This is what you've been dreaming of

The Antarctic Peninsula

The most common reaction to arriving at the White Continent is a sense of reverence and awe. The experience is hard to put into words. You will discover that Antarctica is a land of extremes: at one moment you’ll be overcome with a feeling of complete silence and loneliness, and at the next moment you’ll be inspired by nature as a calving glacier crashes into a brilliant blue sea or a penguin waddles by to inspect your footwear.

Your Expedition Team will take care of you at each landing, whether you are Zodiac cruising, visiting a historical site or consorting with penguin colonies. Chinstrap, Adélie and gentoo penguins are found here, along with Weddell, fur, crabeater and leopard seals. Keep a lookout for curious whales, such as minkes, while on a Zodiac cruise. Each day and each landing will present a new collection of creatures to delight you and keep your camera busy.

If you find yourself wanting more, then perhaps you’ll treat yourself by booking our kayaking Adventure Option (reserve in advance when booking your trip), or if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, a little shock therapy courtesy of a Polar Plunge might be what you need!

The Journey Home Begins

Crossing the Drake Passage

After more than a dozen days of memorable wildlife encounters, your journey home begins. Crossing the Drake is your unofficial rite of passage, putting a final stamp of completion on your Antarctic adventure.

The End of the Adventure

Disembark in Ushuaia

We will arrive in Ushuaia in the morning after breakfast. After disembarkation, you will head on the airport for your journey home or wherever the next adventure takes you.

Please let us know if you require extra nights lodging in Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, or Santiago before heading home.


Tour Details

2024 Dates are COMING SOON!
NEW 2024 Details Coming Soon

All our Ocean Diamond cabins are SUITES

Should you request an upgraded cabin or a twin window cabin (downgrade), please let us know. We cannot promise to get you any other type of cabin but will do our best to accommodate your wishes. Contact us for details and a quote.

You have the run of the place on the Ocean Diamond, one of the largest of our small ships. All rooms have an exterior view, ensuite facility, flat-screen TV and DVD player, with some suites sporting a private balcony. After a day of exploration, you can relax with a book in the polar library, head to the gym for a quick workout, have a drink at the bar, or just soak in the scenery from the panoramic observation lounge.

For the 2019.20 season, the Ocean Diamond will have completed renovations throughout the ship.

NEW 2024 Details Coming Soon

Ship Specifications

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Tour Details: To Be Announced


Photo Leaders

Ken Kaminesky is a co-founder and the owner of Discovery Photo Tours. He’s a veteran commercial travel photographer, Formatt-Hitech Signature Artist, the travel columnist for Outdoor Photographer magazine, and an entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the photography industry. Ken’s iconic photography has featured in major publications including the New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, and twice on the front cover of National Geographic magazine.

Di Fruscia is a World Visionary Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photographer. His work has won many awards, has been published and displayed thru a multitude of Medias (books, calendars, magazines, travel guides etc.) and by many prestigious companies such as, National Geographic, Time Magazine and Wall Street Journal, just to name a few. Constantly searching for those rare magical moments when the Perfect Light embraces nature in all its glory, you can rest assured – that this is only the beginning of a long and dedicated quest to capture the breathtaking beauty of nature.”

Adventure Awaits!

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Tour Dates

Feb 28th – March 9th, 2021, Feb 27th – March 8th, 2022

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Double Occupancy (2 People Sharing Double Bed), Double Occupancy (2 People with Twin Beds), Single Occupancy (Supplemental Fee), Standard Double Occupancy