About Discovery

There’s one piece of feedback from our tours that tells us we’re working at the top of our game:

“I never expected that to happen!”

Maybe you’ve been on tours where everything was “fine”, where there was nothing you could seriously complain about, but where nothing truly incredible happened – and your head and your heart screamed for more.

 All that time and effort you’ve spent preparing for it, and yet you were disappointed. Serendipity failed to spark. At no point were you swept away by a dizzying sense of wonder and amazement. You never blinked away tears in your eyes, or felt a shiver of excitement. You never stopped to catch your breath as your soul caught fire.

 Sure, you were there – but in some way that’s so hard to explain, you never really felt it.

 We don’t do that.

 In fact, if you’re feeling any of those things, it’s not a Discovery Photo Tour.

 This isn’t bragging. This is design. We work really hard to do things differently – and by different, we mean “knocking your socks off with every single part of the tour, not just the highlights.”

 Exceeding expectations is our mission at Discovery Photo Tours. It’s right there in the name: if you’re given exactly what you expect, it’s not a discovery, surely?

 If we’re taking you somewhere, we’ll show you a side of the place that nobody else gets to see – and that you’d never have imagined before you came. We know the unforgettable wonder is always in those remarkable details, so we craft our tours around them.

If you’re coming to photograph Italy, we know you’ll need to learn about the food – so we arrange for a cooking class with master Italian chefs who will show the love and care that goes into their beautiful work.

 In Myanmar, we know you’ll want to photograph young monks in secluded, perfectly candle-lit conditions that set their orange robes aglow – so we arrange for that in advance.

In Japan, we know you’ll get a thrill from riding a bullet train, enjoy the pristine silence of a stunning zen garden, go off the beaten path to photograph artisans creating stunning pottery – and in Jordan, we know you’d best enjoy the majesty of Petra in perfect silence and solitude, so we arrange for unimaginable entirely private access to this Unesco World Heritage site.

These examples are just a small taste of what you can expect on a Discovery Photo Tour.

Experiencing a truly incredible tour is like falling under a spell – and we make sure there is no moment where that spell is broken.

No trade-offs. No “oh well, it’ll do” A hard zero on disappointments.

We work hard to ensure everything is exceptional, from activities that give you a deeper understanding of the place you’re photographing, delicious international cuisine, to access to all the right places at exactly the right time. We’ve spent years nurturing relationships with the experts (many of which will be available to give you one-on-one guidance) and scouting the most jaw-droppingly photogenic sights.

We make sure everything comes together to create a seamlessly awesome experience, filled with incredible moments that will remain in your heart and soul forever.

If you never expected it to be that good, we’ve done our job. That’s the mark of a Discovery Photo Tour.

Why Discovery?


We get it. You want to take great photos. But there’s more…

You don’t want an adventure that feels like a group package. And you definitely don’t want to eat at the group rate restaurant.

You want the best: Expert guides, amazing trip leaders and storytellers who share their passion with you for these places, and who won’t hesitate to take you to that phenomenal little restaurant where you meet the chef.

What Do We Provide?

We provide the discriminating travel photographer, a refreshing alternative to the hidden charges, “corner-cutting” and disappointments we ourselves have found, even on big-name photo tours.

We get it. You want to take great photos. But there’s more…

Our tours are incredibly full of unimaginable culinary delights, unique cultural experiences, and unrivaled photo opportunities. And, you get to share these wonderful moments with like-minded lovers of travel and photography.

We’re just like you. We are travelers, not tourists. Our team wakes up in the morning with Carpe Diem in our hearts and then we actually do go and seize the day.

We are proud to have created a photo tour company like no other and once you get to experience one of our life changing journeys…

You’ll be glad you chose discovery

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