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We regret that you will not be able to join us on your booking with Discovery Photo Tours. We understand that a conflict or personal situation that was not anticipated may occur. Kindly fill out this cancellation notice, and we will gladly assist you in cancelling your tour/workshop/safari. 

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If you purchased travel insurance and will be filing a claim, you may use copies of this cancellation notice, your registration contract that lists our terms and conditions, and a copy of your invoice to file your claim. Please provide our contact details on your claim, and your insurance agent will contact us directly should they need further details to process your claim. If you chose to self-insure your trip, we will make an effort to help minimize the loss of your non-refundable deposits and payments by attempting to fill your spot. We will open up your spot on the website and email those on the waiting list. However, please understand that there are no guarantees that we will be able to fill your spot. By signing below, I confirm I am cancelling my tour/workshop/safari, as I have listed above. I certify that I have carefully read through the terms of my registration contract, and by cancelling my tour/safari, I may be forfeiting my non-refundable deposit and any payments made toward the cost of my tour/workshop/safari.
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